"How much longer are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?"

Epictetus knew it 2000 years ago and yet little has changed. If you’re like me, you’ve spent a long time struggling to figure out what you really want, let alone take action to go after it. As a society, we’re feeling more disillusioned and disconnected than ever, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could get crystal clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what brings meaning and purpose to your days? If you knew exactly what you wanted and how to go and get it, what would that mean for your life?

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Meaning is unique for all of us and is often borne of our unique experiences and most challenging moments. The crack is how the light gets in.

Confronting Fearsand Insecurities

We can choose our perspective on everything life. Our fears can control us and keep us down, or they can guide us to the path of growth.

ClarifyingPersonal Values

Realising what is truly important to us, or what we would like to stand for, is the first step towards knowing and trusting ourselves.


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Life gets harder, but we can get stronger.

Planning andTaking Action

The path to self-realisation is long and fraught with dead ends. We chart course as best we can and keep moving forward. Fail and recommit. Fail and recommit.

Working ThroughCreative Blocks

The muse deserts us when we’re out of alignment from our true nature. Rediscover your ‘why’ to kickstart your creativity.

I came to this work through my own long term existential crisis and depression - a deep and painful journey to create meaning in my life.

For the best part of a decade I’ve explored every technique, workshop and healing modality I could get my hands on, in an attempt to overcome my own demons and discover who I truly am and what I stand for. It’s a lifetime’s work, but I believe it’s the duty of each of us to descend into the depths and return with our own unique wisdom to share – to help lift each other up in any way we can.

My Experience


An ongoing collection of thoughts, musings, learnings and experiences from my own journey of self development and conversations with others on the path. These are my truths at the time of writing – constantly refined and renewed with new knowledge.

I want to help you begin your journey towards uncovering more meaning, purpose and connection in your life.

It’s time to be true to who you really are – to live a more authentic, fulfilling and meaningful life.

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